Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha

Committed to change through participation of rural people  

Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha (Palash Association for Rural Development), is a community development non-government organization (NGO), registered with Social Welfare and Department of Youth Development in Bangladesh. Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha (PPUS) is initiated by some dedicated local social workers with a life long commitment to work for the empowerment of greatly disadvantaged sections of society. To discover new paths towards self-reliance and community growth PPUS is working in partnership with its clients. PPUS is continuously striving  to establish itself as a center of innovation in rural development by its innovative programs and innovation in development, training & research.

Working Strategy

Palash  Palli Unnayan Sangstha believes in integrated development strategy with bottom up participatory approach and management framework based on peoples felt need. PPUS continues to design and implement innovative programs to organize and assist the poor and disadvantaged people to help develop the quality of life through their active involvement for socio-economic emancipation.


Development Philosophy

Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha  believes that releasing people's potentiality from inertia is a vital factor in facilitation of development programs. This can be achieved by ensuring active participation of the poor majority in the development process. PPUS envisages promotion and development of the rural destitute male and female by providing different services, technical assistance and carrying out research for overall development of the people.

PPUS also stresses to establish social justices, human rights, environmental conservation, communal harmony, equality and peace in the society through education of illiteracy, improvement of health and environment, reduction of unemployment by ensuring a congenial and oppression free society through peaceful and non-violent means.         


 Recent Updates

  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities: On December 3, 2012- Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha observed International Day of Persons with Disabilities, focusing ‚ÄúSpecial children are a special gift of God with distinctive qualities and skills. Their education must not stop at the higher secondary level and they must get the fullest opportunity to get education.
  • On 1st December'12 A Rally and Seminar on "World AIDS Day-Getting Zero" is held in Palash, Narisngdi, organized by Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha.  Click to get more on World AIDS Day


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